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Instrumentation: clarinet, trumpet, violin, piano

The different members of the group have been playing together for a long time, but only recently they
came together in this exact instrumentation. Of the Berliner Improvisations-Quartett, founded
in 1975 together with Manfred Schulze and especially known in the GDR, only Hermann
remains. However, Uli Weber belonged to the later Improvisations-Trio
and Jürgen Kupke to the Hermann-Keller-Quartett
which already existed between 1987 and
1990. The collaboration of
Antje Messerschmidt
and Hermann
ranges from
interpretations of Schumann and
Brahms to improvised music. Like Jürgen Kupke,
she has performed many of Hermann Keller's compositions.
Encouraged by a joined concert at the end of 2005, the musicians formed
the new quartet and had their first big performance at the Musik-Trienale in Cologne
(in May 2007). In 2008, they recorded their first CD "Nicht ohne Wasser" (Never without Water)
which will soon be released through the label Jazzwerkstatt Berlin.

Trumpet - Ulrich Weber
Clarinet - Jürgen Kupke
Violin - Antje Messerschmidt
Piano - Hermann Keller